PDF Creator Master for Mac

PDF Creator Master for Mac

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  • Version: 3.0.0

Pretty Dire Functionality

PDF Creator Master for Mac is a simple app for turning images and plain text into PDFs.


There is very little to PDF Creator Master for Mac. It offers a simple menu, into which you can upload your image and plain text (*.txt) files. Once you have all of the desired components in the program, you can add annotations, permissions, and security settings. Then hit “Create” and you will have a PDF with each element in the order you placed them in the list.

Simple, but ultimately a bit pointless.


My first issue with PDF Creator Master for Mac is that it offers nothing in terms of editing or formatting tools. The demo version only allows you to add three files to your final PDF, which in my case meant three pages each with a tiny photo in the center.

What makes this even more pointless is that Apple’s default text editing program (the imaginatively named TextEdit), which comes on all OSX systems, provides the ability to save as PDF, with full control over layout, font, etc. It may take a little more effort, but the results are far better, making it a fair trade off.

F.eel you need this

PDF Creator Master adds nothing to the workflow, especially in the limited demo version - and we certainly don't recommend upgrading.

Creates PDF files from images & txt files, combine PDF files into one.

The easy way to create PDF files from images, plain text and PDF, including jpg, png, bmp, gif etc. You can merge multiple files into one single PDF file, modify the meta data of the output documents, set page size or page margins as you wish, compress output PDF file size, or even encrypt PDF files with open password and restrictions.

Key Features:

*Easy from the start

PDF Creator Master takes only 2 steps to get things done. You can quickly add unlimited images, PDF and text file into the app. Click 'Convert' the app will create PDF file instantly.

*Merge multiple files into one PDF

You can combine a large amount of PDF document, images or plain text files into one PDF easily with PDF Creator Master.

*Flexible output options

You can set PDF pages size, page margins before conversion. And set a compression option before conversion, then it will produce a PDF file in smaller file size.

*Encrypt PDF files

If you worry about the security, why not set a password for your PDF? You can add open password, or even printing and copying restrictions. So no one can get access to your document without permission.

*Modify meta data

Do you want the readers of the PDF files to know this document is your work? Or file a claim to copyright in your work? You can edit the meta data of the PDF, such as title, subject, author or keywords.


  • Easy to use


  • Offers nothing TextEdit doesn't
  • No formatting

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PDF Creator Master for Mac


PDF Creator Master for Mac 3.0.0

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